Nardwuar vs. Odd Future (Props to Roy Ayers)

If you're not familiar with Nardwuar or Odd Future, you might want to do some internet research before viewing this interview.

One of the most corniest and overused expressions in Hip Hop is “Hottest Rapper in the Game” but the Odd Future collective from Los Angeles can be described as that. They have lived on a cult following for a short amount of time, but have recently become overnight sensations after Questlove and Kanye began vouching for their strange, unpredictable themed songs, videos, and shows. Although it is not shown in this particular interview, Odd Future is a young, talented, versatile crew that is turning the rap world on it's head.

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The strangest revelation to me personally is amidst the morbid, overly offensive, and anarchist schtick that the collective has created for themselves, they have been very vocal about their love for the one and only Roy Ayers. In this interview, they are given an unexpected gift by Nardwuar.

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