Isaac Hayes – So Soulful (Mixtape)

If you were born after 1975, and you haven't done any research on Isaac Hayes, you may only know him for the countless times that Shaft got spoofed, Chef from Southpark, and if you're into pop culture, his devotion to Scientology. Truth be told, Isaac Hayes lead a full and interesting life. He was an accomplished songwriter, co-writing “Soul Man” (Performed by Sam and Dave), won a couple grammy's, owned a basketball team, and was an actor throughout random points of his career. Anyway you slice it, Isaac Hayes was one of the most soulful, talented musicians to ever walk the earth. His compositions were so grand, most times seeming to including an entire orchestral score, while having a rhythm section of a funk guitar and drummer, amongst other instruments. His deep resonating voice is always recognizable, and it was is lifelong trade mark.

Isaac Hayes' influence on modern music is apparent. His music has been sampled time and time again, and in many instances, subtly manipulated while being sampled, which proves the forward thinking of Isaac Hayes' musical compositions. He ranks amongst the top artists ever sampled, and when listening to the music he made 40 years ago, it's no wonder why Isaac Hayes is worthy of a tribute. At 65, he was lost too soon.

So if you know Isaac Hayes, but don't know Isaac Hayes, this download is a must.

Download the Isaac Hayes tribute.

1. Never Gonna Give You Up
2. Look of Love
3. No Name Bar
4. Do Ya Thang
5. That Loving Feeling
6. Ike's Mood
7. Use Me
8. Joy
9. Wonderful
10. Hung Up On My Baby
11. Joe Bell
12. The Red Rooster
13. Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic
14. Southern Breeze
15. A Few More Kisses To Go
16. Vykkii
17. Walk On By
18. (They Long To Be) Close To You
19. Wherever You Are (Intro)
20. Never Can Say Goodbye (Original & Live Version)

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Isaac Hayes Tribute Mixtape

Isaac Hayes mixtape:

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