The Roy Ayers Project is looking for Beats

Attention all producers, beat makers, and DJs

We are taking submissions for any and all beats that contain a Roy Ayers sample.

(link to the flyer for those that want to repost:


– The beat is produced by you, or it is credited to the proper individual(s)
– The beat contains a Roy Ayers sample
– Instrumentals, Remixes, Re-Edits are accepted. No mixtapes.
– Good Quality (minimum of 192 kpbs)
– Email submissions ONLY
– For your submissions to be considered in the documentary, please remove all tags

How to Apply:
Email your submissions to royayersproject(at)gmail(dot)com, along with a short bio, and a photo that represents you or the instrumental, contact information (Twitter / Facebook, etc), and any other information you’d like to include. This will be used for blogging purposes. The higher quality the photo is, the better.

– Please LABEL THE NAME OF YOUR MP3 as “(your song title) / Roy Ayers Project” or label it in the ALBUM section.

– Include submissions in the body of your email, NOT through an external file hosting service.

– Please state if you would like your instrumental available for download on, or if you would like a audio stream. Also, please state if you do NOT want your instrumental blogged on If you do not state this, we will use it. Your submission does not guarantee it will be used for the documentary, nor does it guarantee it will be blogged.

– Because of the high volume of submissions over the months, we must demonstrate a bit of quality control. What we ask of producers is that their instrumental captures the essence of Roy Ayers, for example, through vibraphone sample, Roy Ayers vocal sample, or chord progression, or something that highlights Roy Ayers. Although some producers take pride in “flipping” a sample to the point of nonrecognition, this sort of defeats the purpose of the assignment. In other words, if there is no way one can hear a Roy Ayers element in your submission, it’s chances of being posted on the blog are drastically decreased.

Multiple submissions are ok.

The objective of this project is to get creative Roy Ayers fans involved in the Roy Ayers Project. We want each example to demonstrate the influence and greatness of Roy Ayers, and at the same time highlight the producers and beat makers individual skills. We encourage applicants to get creative!

The beats that will be chosen by the Roy Ayers Project for use will be because the best fit what we are looking for during the production process. We will possibly use beats in a variety of ways, not limited to the documentary itself, trailers, mixes, performances, etc.

Fine Print:
– The instrumental submitted to the Roy Ayers Project can be used in any way (Documentary, Mixtapes, etc.) that are in conjunction with the Roy Ayers Project.
-There will be no monetary compensation for your submission from the Roy Ayers Project. Your submission is for promotional use only. Although we hope many avenues open for you as a result of your submission, we are unable to compensate you monetarily.
– Your submission does not have to be exclusive to the Roy Ayers Project, for example, it can be a pre-existing instrumental you have used in the past.
-By submitting, we assume that your credits are true. Any complaints of plagiarism filed to the Roy Ayers Project of any submissions will be deflected on to you.
-Your entry means that you automatically assumes that you have read these instructions and agree to these terms.

Further questions regarding the Submission for Beats can be left in the comments, and will be answered.

Other ways to be a part of the Roy Ayers Project:
To learn how to be on the Promotional Team, Click Here.
To learn about the Art Submission guidelines, Click Here.
To apply to be a Blogger, Click Here.


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  1. Is there any good place to search for Roy Ayers acapella’s or instrumentals?

  2. Also, we are still accepting beat submissions! We have Vol 4 almost ready, and Vol 5 could be our last. For more info,

  3. For those still interested in submitting beats, please send us what you got! For more info,

  4. too late to submit ?

  5. i make smooth jazz type beats

  6. Great contest and such a legendary musician. This is gonna be fun!

  7. Dirt Factory


    • There is no announced deadline as of yet. Since this is an ongoing project, we will be taking submissions until otherwise notified. Thanks!

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