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In case you’re new to this site, you may not have known that we had a blog on our previous site. Just so you can see how far we have come, take a look at our older posts, dating back to July, 2010.


Happy New Year & F.R.O. in Oakland

Happy New Year! I know we’re a bit late, but better late than never!

We started off the year with having another tribute fundraiser to Roy Ayers that went down yesterday at the New Parish in Oakland California. It was an excellent turnout, we had people movin’ and groovin’ all night long, and we also gained a huge amount of awareness for the documentary. Thank you to all who came out to support, especially everyone who was involved for making this happen!

As the New Year fell upon us, it is definitely a time for reflection and goal setting. I have BIG plans for this entire project (as you already may know) and the New Year is the perfect time to retool, and to make sure everything is in line to make those goals become reality. The next thing we’ll plan for is our LA trip, so we’ll keep you posted about that, and remember, follow our twitter! @royayersp
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Things have been moving along. We have made efforts to expand our team, made some small updates to the site, created new T-Shirt designs, and we have already begun planning for our Documentary release event in San Francisco, where we can hopefully bring out Roy Ayers himself to the Bay Area to perform. Although the holiday’s has altered the routine, we will have a lot to look forward to in the beginning of the New Year, including our first footage release, another fundraising event in Oakland, Ca, and hopefully an improved website. Happy Holidays to all, and thank you for your continued support.

Stay Tuned…



Store is Open!

Another stride has been made! Special thanks to the Giant Peach fam, we now have a Roy Ayers Project online store. This is just what we needed. Before, the only way to get a shirt or sweatshirt was to buy directly from me. Now you can buy from anywhere in the world! Click on our store tab to check out what is in stock.

Keepin it goin…



Reflecting on NYC

Words cannot describe the crew’s NYC trip. A couple words that come to mind, Productive/Unreal/Amazing/Motivational all rolled into one. We planned for months for this past week, gathering contacts, cold calling people to set up interviews, reaching out to anyone and everyone to make this week a success, and by every sense of the word, it surely was.

We were in NYC from Saturday, November 6th – Saturday, November 13th. Ill Recall our trip day by day.

Sunday – Rest, B-Roll in Times Square
Monday – Bobbito Interview, Set design for Roy Ayers interview
Tuesday – Roy Ayers Interview, DJ Center interview, Brooklyn B-Roll
Wednesday – Central Park B-Roll, ?uestlove Interview at NBC Studios, Wax Poetics meeting/interview, Rich Medina Interview
Thursday – Brooklyn B-Roll, Wajeed Interview at Fresthetic
Friday – Ski Beatz Interview, DJ Premier Interview, B-Roll, Beatminerz Interview
(did I forget anything? Probably! We did WAY too much to remember!)

We stayed in Harlem, where the neighborhood treated us well. The weather was beautiful, and our crew was there to work hard, but we found plenty of time to enjoy ourselves. Our crew did an excellent job at keeping focus and remaining on track, and performed well when called upon. As a producer, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. All of the interview subjects showed us love, and encouraged us to keep it going! They all have the utmost respect for Mr. Ayers, and they’re time was generously donated to say a few words on such a great musician.

The contacts, the buzz generated, the ideas brewed, the overall experience, it was invaluable. This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I thank the donors who believed in the project most of all.

There is so much more on the horizon. All you gotta do is Stay Tuned!



Preparing for NYC

We are only a couple days out from our New York trip, and we are grinding away. We are hustling every day to get interviews, and we are filling up our schedule. We are not sure what to expect on this trip, but we know it will be a lot of fun! I can’t share some of the names that we will get for interviews, but if we get HALF of the artists we plan on getting, this documentary would be amazing!
Stay Tuned…



Recap: Fundraiser at SOM San Francisco

This past weekend, we had our Fundraiser at SOM SF, and it was a beautiful night! We had Funk Revival Orchestra playing Roy Ayers music all night, we debuted our merchandise and flyers, and we created awareness about the upcoming documentary. The house was packed, and everyone there had a great time. Now our focus shifts to our NYC trip in November. From now till then, we will be getting in contact with many personalities, and getting as much footage and interviews as possible. It should be a fun ride, so Stay Tuned!

– Haylow


Our First Interviews

We are scheduling our first interviews for the documentary, and they could happen as early as this week! I’m not sure yet if I wanna reveal the names of our interview subjects, but they definitely are noteworthy. We’ve also been trying to set up dates in New York for subjects, as well as Los Angeles. The footage we get will be AMAZING, and I cannot wait what we will share with the world. This is a special part, seeing everything take form. The only way we can make this possible is if we grind relentlessly, and we are ready to accept the challenge.

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A Message to Our Backers…

Words cannot express the amount of gratitude to all of the people who have donated to this project. Most of you I know, and I tried to personally thank all of yall, or at least shout you out on our twitter page, just so you know how much you are appreciated. Some people apologized to me, saying this was all they could give, an apology that I laughed at because the amount given is not important. Each donation does much more in the way of confidence and reassurance, more than any dollar amount (of course the Bigger donations did a lil MORE reassurance, lol) but seriously, our whole team NEEDS that confidence, then, now, and throughout, and what all 50 of yall have done is immeasurable, Yes 50 backers! At the end of the email, I have listed all 50 Backers, in the order in which they pledge. The final number of money raised was $1,972.

I would like for everyone of you to keep up to date with the progress of the documentary. Im sure you all know about the website, which has a blog, but the best way to get the most timely updates is to follow the twitter page, You dont have to be a twitter subscriber to view it, so that is probably the best way to really stay up to date. With this money, we will travel to New York in November and begin production, so the best time to follow is now!

In closing, I would like to welcome yall to this journey in which we will make documentary history! The Roy Ayers Documentary will be a success, and the team or myself will not settle for anything less. We owe it to you, the believers. Without further ado, here are the list of donators to the project, listed in order of date and time in which they donated.

(As Roy Ayers always says to me after we speak on the phone,)
Peace and Love!

– Haylow

Ariel Nunez AUG 10 Rachel Overby-Fearon AUG 10 John D. Williams AUG 11 Damon D’Amore AUG 13 Christopher Weed AUG 13 Linda Driscoll AUG 13 Renita Stangel AUG 16 Melanie Overby AUG 25 Patrick Diaz AUG 25 Ryan Peters AUG 27 josh bea AUG 31 Cheryll Del Rosario AUG 31 Koy Hardy SEP 02 Gigi Rosales SEP 02 Star B SEP 02 Michael Austin SEP 02 Sheryl Navarro SEP 03 Illugi Magnusson SEP 06 Jacqueline SEP 06 amalia_a SEP 06 Justina White SEP 07 Brian Lu SEP 07 louis b SEP 07 Aries Nunez SEP 08 John Chunhan Liau SEP 08 Diwata Fatima Bacani SEP 09 zach devincent SEP 09 paloma belara SEP 09 Kristine Isip SEP 09 Erika SEP 09 Max Sternberg SEP 09 Shanel Champion SEP 09 J. Rizzle SEP 10 Hatsumi Yamamoto SEP 10 sonia SEP 10 Eric Flynn SEP 10 eamon mulligan SEP 10 Derek Taylor SEP 10 Al Jieh SEP 13 Seth Bailey SEP 13 David Toney SEP 13 david tam SEP 14 Jared Dong SEP 14 Kaye SEP 14 Celskiii SEP 14 melrub SEP 14 Joline Barsanti SEP 14 Christine Padilla SEP 14 phil mingao SEP 15 LeConte Dill SEP 15


New York is in our Future!

Greetings! So much has happened since our press release over a month ago. There has been many people who have offered their services, there has been many contacts made, and many doors that have opened up for possibilities involving the Documentary.

One fantastic bit of news is that we have booked our flights to New York to film Mr. Roy Ayers! Now that we got that obstacle, we can concentrate on contacting personalities for interviews, and make plans for our shooting schedule, and conceptualizing b-roll and the overall concepts of the documentary.

We will make a lot of progress from now until our shooting date, and we will definitely keep our blog posted!

For the latest updates, follow our twitter page, @RoyAyersProject.

– Haylow


Press Release

Today was the very first notification that was sent informing people about the Roy Ayers Project. This is a monumental step! I am also proud to say that this kicks off our fundraising efforts.

This is where it all begins!



Spreadin the Word

I soon to make the first press release for the Documentary in the coming days. As of now, I have not promoted this project. At first, I will notify friends and family, and word-of-mouth. Hopefully we will be able to raise enough funds to film in New York and start the trailer, and when the trailer is complete, we will start the big promotional push.

I am extremely excited to get the word out, and I am anxious to hear peoples reactions! This project will be a long process, and every step taken is a step forward.

Stay tuned!


The New Site

This is the official site for the upcoming Roy Ayers documentary tentatively entitled ‘Vibrance’! This documentary is in its earliest stages, and it will be great to chart each of the steps through this blog. I am Haylow Thomas, the Director/Producer of this film. I am a product of the Hip Hop generation, the late 80’s-early 90’s Hip Hop generation might I add, which speaks volumes to my love and appreciation of the music, culture, and all things encompassing, most importantly the history of music that comprises most classic Hip Hop anthems. This is where my love, appreciation, and understanding for the music of Roy Ayers grew.

As the landscape begin to change within Hip Hop, I kept an ear to what was current and buzzworthy, but I also took steps backwards in time to understand where a lot of this music is coming from. As I got to know the music of the 70’s and 60’s, I began to realize the powerful role that Roy Ayers has played in music. The purpose of this documentary is to shed light on someone that everybody ‘knows’ but not many have ‘heard’. Roy Ayers is someone that EVERYone should know and hear. Very well.


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